Letter from Santa Claus

For Christmas, days left are only fifteen,
To meet all of you I am keen,
List of this year’s good children is made,
All of you are on the list, be unafraid,
All my elves are poised to act,
Riding on my reindeers, I will come to you direct,
Tell me what you want, toys or chocolates
For your wishlist, your Santa awaits.

©Geet Sakhi


आज कल तू बड़ा याद आता है

आज कल तू बड़ा याद आता है

तेरे साथ याद आता है,
हर वो रास्ता,
जिसपे तू संग चला था,
हर वो बात,
जिसपे तू खुलकर हॅसा था,
हर वो चाय,
जो हमने बातों के साथ पी थी,
हर वो शैतानियां,
जो हमने साथ मिलकर की थी,
हर वो मौसम,
जो देखते देखते बदल गए,
हर वो जुगनू,
जो ना जाने कौनसी जादूगरी कर गए,
हर वो हवाएं,
जिसने तेरी मासूमियत उभारी थी,
हर वो बारिश,
जो तुझे बचपने से भीगो गई,
तेरा धीमे धीमे गुनगुनाना,
हल्के हल्के मुस्कुराना,
बोलते बोलते,
चुप हो जाना,

आज कल तू बड़ा याद आता है,
यूं कि, सब गायब सा हो जाता है,
बस तू ही नजर आता है।

©गीत सखी


He didn’t knew the beginning,
Niether any of life’s other innings,

When the story unfolded till last few hundred pages,
He folded his sleeves up to his elbows,
Decoding all the loop holes ably,
Deciding appropriate strategy,
Like a protagonist he rose,
this time, the insupressible time almost froze,
He wrote by himself, his own story’s Climax,
Eager to know it, even life couldn’t sit relaxed.

©Geet Sakhi


The yellow fish on my table,
tucked near the monitor,
often gets entangled in the cables,
while it looks for water,

It locates a transparant bottle,
from which it can see through,
It fixates at it, then feels increasing throttle,
but it can’t move, as if stuck with glue.

Actually, It doesn’t know how to swim,
Actually, like other fishes it has no gills,
Often, my official documents it skims,
It loves net surfing, hence increases my internet bill

Is it always necessary,
for a poem to be influential,
Can it be, neither sad nor Merry,
But as Bizarre as this one, not so essential.

Can it not be with,
Just a pinch of Rhyme Scheme
and Tinge of Strange Daydream!

©Geet Sakhi