I Wish….

Some dreams get life, some remains dream forever…. Sometimes,the place where we see, endeavor and give our best to live it, is underrated. The place where we dwell, even if the dream is still alive or already lived, is not valued at times. Let’s appreciate it. 🙂 😉

I wish to wear a mermaid’s tail,
Mysteries of the deepest ocean, to trail,
With dolphins to get acquainted,
And an imperial stay on an oyster bed.

I wish to ride a unicorn, made of cluster of stars,
High up in the night sky, I would ride on it really very far,
Very far to all the galaxies that ever exists,
Sitting on the moon, I would gaze at dreamful night of the world, that is moonlit.

I wish to sit on an elephant’s back that has huge ears, with it it could fly,
To see various astonishing places, on softest clouds I would lie,
I shall play on a rainbow, as if on a wonderful slide,
I would pour bucketful of it’s colour, to make the world more bright.

I wish to be a pixie gorgeous, small and delicate,
I shall own a pair of wings and fly, as if that’s my trait,
The world would be even more massive with those tiny eyes,
Flower to flower I would hop and fly, where their pleasing fragrance lie.

I would love to have a tour like this,
In every way, I will have the world’s spellbound glimpse,
But there is always a final destination, that is my HOME where I will definitely go,
Contentment of being at home, I will never get wherever I be, that I know….

-Geet Sakhi


All of us, at present, are at different positions, places, we have not been here since we had been born. We all have a journey that we have completed and we are still living it. During this period, we build and sometimes we spoil ourselves, but at the end we learn, We learn to be fearless of something each day. Here, I share with you a journey. I will be glad if you experience the same, by reading it and do comment your feelings regarding it. 😀

Born on an leaf, that was green impeccably,
On the day that dawned invigorating and misty,
I shone like a diamond due to the sun rays,
Sunshine energized me, and I plunged in to the lake.

The lake was placid and compassionate,
It stayed in every circumstances with the companions it made,
It was complacent within its shore,
simplicity, sophistication, contentment, equanimity are the qualities it wore.

I saw unite of calmness and thrill,
This happened at the confluence, where immense ecstasy I could feel.

The river was enthusiastic and bold,
It wandered from top of mountains to valleys even to the creeks, of it’s speed it could not take hold,
It pushed it’s boundaries to achieve more and more,
It was adventurous, free, aggressive and audacity it always swore..

I witnessed unite of restriction and freedom,
ordinaries and eminence,
At the estuary, I found myself staring at the fascinating sea.

It was vast, it had depth and was serene with dignity,
It could bear assault of any level of intensity,
It s magnificence, commanded reverence,
Even the sun salutes it, at every advent and repose.

I witnessed the horizon,
It was mesmerizing but was fantastic and fictitious,
I am glad, I could gaze at it every time, and remember the encouraging warmth of that invigorating misty dawn,
This is my journey from being a dew drop to an ocean,
from being timid to fearless…..

-Geet Sakhi


I know you don’t agree,
you assume, that from loneliness I am free.
I know you do think,
in your absence, in sadness I don’t sink.
My dear, did you not witness the truth within my eyes ..
On the day, when we met amidst the sparkle of the fireflies.

Everyday, Breeze wraps itself around me,
it comes near me and whispers your name slowly.
Your name, drowns me into your charisma,
as if adoring you is my innate trait.
My dear, did you not feel my expression of submission in your arms,
On the day, when we met amidst the sparkle of the fireflies.

When the raindrop crawls over me,
It reminds me of you, playing with my curls adroitly.
I would liken the sprinkles of rain as satisfactorily cool, but
number of bubbles of anxiety bursting in my heart is limitless and huge.
My dear, with the emerging mischief in my mind were you not surprised,
On the day, when we met amidst the sparkle of the fireflies

Every beam of the sun may be vigorous,
Each moment of you being away, is a test very rigorous.
I don’t find the effect of the burn due to the fireball, so intense,
because the colour of your love is excessively vehement.
My dear, did you not realize that my happiness in your presence lie,
On the day, when we met amidst the sparkle of the fireflies.

-Geet Sakhi


An Introvert Girl

There stays a question “WHY?”, always…..
Why on earth, the phenomenon of departure ever took place.

There never ever was a crowd to manage……
But the rare beloved also never stayed,

They said the trust was lost somewhere……
Maybe, they were too good to be “her’s”,
Or she just has no one to be called “her own”, in her destiny anywhere……

-Geet Sakhi

*The Night Sky*

We live a life at lightening fast speed, if we take out some time, if we halt for a moment, and see the beauty around us we shall all become speechless. Nature is motivating, peaceful and can give answers to all your grievances in some or the other way …. 🙂

You will be definitely startled by the nature’s mesmerizing power,
Maybe at a campestral where there are no massive towers.
There, the breeze blows freely, without any obstacles to handle,
in such a place by the night sky I was kindled.
At the terrace, where the bare roof top was the bed and the dark sky the blanket,
tiny shiny bodies scattered all over the darkness.

Their sheer was admirable,
at times, they formed clusters as if sharing with me some of their stories that were adorable.
There, they sparkle fearlessly and brilliantly they illuminate,
there aren’t any competition they ever have to face.
They twinkled mischievously, I had an urge to tease them by tickling them away,
enthralled by it’s beauty, I wanted to gather it with my hands and keep it with me for always.
Phases of the moon changed, but their shimmer was the same,
and when the moon disappeared they enlightened the sky auspiciously without any claim.
The lake was the mirror, where it’s spellbound reflection lie,
such a Marvelous level of excellence, I am curiously fond of the night sky….

-Geet Sakhi


Mind Your Thoughts

Words are actually collection of,
they are expression of,
the thoughts we develop, and feelings we endure.

They own the colour, with
which our heart is painted with,
at that very moment, when they(thoughts) get converted to speech.

When furious, the words
fell on listener as if peril swords.
When in ecstasy, they come
soothing as if showers of gratitude for everyone.
When in agony, they sound
so helpless wishing for someone to solace the wound.
When in solitude, they act
to be brave and happy, just to hide the loneliness is the tact.
When in envy for someone,
they appear to be calm sea but the storm can be seen by none.
when affected by affection,
they are selfless legitimate and has no cunning action.

Those are your thoughts, that become your words,
in your deeds, these words finally convert,
these deeds, become your habits.
Habits are the mould of your character,
for your destiny your character is the director,
so mind your thoughts before they are immutable, and as record to build your destiny they deposit.

-Geet Sakhi


Dreams, be it mine or yours, we are all attached to it. It gives motive to our lives. 🙂

My dream, perfectly defines me.
it represents the trace real me,
out of complete material me.

many times it has been deceived by me,
but still it had never left me,
I feel it shall never give up its affinity towards me.

with the social cacophony,
its silvery tone was always in harmony,
it magnetizes my heart by its euphony.

-Geet Sakhi